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What is the longest path though Six Degrees of Black Sabbath?

[tweetmeme source= ‘plamere’ only_single=false] @meekles tweeted yesterday that he had found a 25 step path through Six Degrees of Black Sabbath and challenged anyone to find a longer path that his Path from Arthur to Eivind Fjoseide.

To sweeten the challenge, I’ll offer a prize of a coveted Echo Nest Tee Shirt for each new longest path found.  Here are the rules:

  • When you find a path that you think is longer than any found so far, tweet the path with its length and the hashtags #6dobs and #longest. For example:  I made a 25 step path from arthur to Eivind Fjoseide #6dobs #longest
  • No skipping allowed in longest paths
  • Only one tee-shirt given per milestone – so if 5 people find a 27 step path, only the first who finds it gets the tee-shirt
  • Only one tee-shirt per person
  • You are not eligible if you work for the Echo Nest, or if your name is Kurt Jacobson

The Echo Nest tee-shirt will turn you into a music metadata superhero

Have fun finding those paths!

Six Degrees of Black Sabbath

Update: Great work finding paths of at least 40 artists long.  Tee-shirt give away ends tonight (May 25) at midnight EDT!

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Music Hack Day T-shirt

Ben Lacker shows off the Boston Music Hack day tee-shirt – hot off the loom.

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