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Memento Friday

It had to be done. Created with Echo Nest Remix.


Spot the sweatsedo!

While all of the hackers were making music hacks at last weekend’s Music Hack Day, the non-technical staff from The Echo Nest were working on their own hack – a video of the event.  They’ve posted it on Youtube. It is pretty neat – with a cool remix soundtrack by Ben Lacker.

But wait … they also tweeted this contest:

To win the contest, you had to count the number of Echo Nest tee-shirts and Sweatsedos appear in the video and tweet the results.  It turns out it was a really hard contest.  My first try I counted 12, but there were many more, some were very very subtle.  But we do have a winner!   Here’s the answer key:

Last night at 7:30 PM EST one Kevin Dela Rosa posted this tweet:

Congrats to Kevin for his excellent counting ability!  Kevin please email  your size and shipping info to and we’ll get you into the smooth and velvety blue!

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The Music Maze

I wrote an application over the weekend called Music Maze. The Music Maze lets you wander through the maze of similar artists until you find something you like.  You can give it a try here:  The Music Maze (be forewarned, the app plays music upon loading).

We’ve seen the idea behind the Music Maze in other apps like Musicovery and Tuneglue’s Music Map.  The nifty thing about the Music Maze is that I didn’t have to write a single line of server code to make it all happen.  The Music Maze web app talks directly to The Echo Nest API.   There’s no middle man.  The artist graph, the album art, the links to audio – everything are pulled on demand from the Echo Nest API.  This  is possible because the Echo Nest API now supports JSONP requests (in beta, full release coming soon!).  With JSONP  an AJAX app can escape the Javascript sandbox and make calls to 3rd party web services. No need for me to set up a server to proxy calls to the Echo Nest, no Apache or Tomcat, no MySQL,  no worries about scaling.  This makes it incredibly easy for me to host and deploy this app.  I just toss my HTML, Javascript and CSS files into an Amazon S3 bucket, make them world readable, and I’m done.  It really has never been easier to create Music Apps. This whole app is less than 500 lines of javascript, written in a few hours on a  Sunday morning while the rest of the family are still asleep.  It is great to see all of these technologies coming together to make easy to create music apps.

(Be sure to check out the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit . It does all of the the graphical heavy lifting in this app. It’s pretty neat.)


Turning music into silly putty

I gave a talk last week at about The Echo Nest Remix.   Klaas has posted it on Vimeo.  Here it is:

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Keith Moon meets Animal

Another masterpiece from joshmillard.

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