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Music Recommendation and Discovery Revisited

I’m off to Chicago to attend the 5th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems.  I’m giving a talk with Òscar Celma called Music Recommendation and Discovery Revisited.  It is a reprise of the talk we gave 4 years ago at ISMIR 2007 in Austria.  Quite a bit has happened in the music discovery space since then so there’s quite  a bit of new material.  Here’s one of my favorite new slides.  10 points if you can figure out what this slide is all about.

It should be a fun talk, and it is always great working with Oscar.  We’ll post the slides  on Monday.


The perils of Pandora

Nifty Hijinks Ensue strip on one of the problems of automatic music recommendation:

Click to see the full strip

Thanks for the tip, Steve!

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People who shopped for baseball bats …

A fun Freakomendation from


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