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The World’s First MachineLearning-enabled musical keyboard !?!

Today Amazon released AWS DeepComposer which is a keyboard that will let you “create a melody that will transform into a completely original song in seconds”.

AWS DeepComposer keyboard

To me it looks like an Arturia Keystep knock-off.  I’m still puzzling over whether or not there’s any special ML-related features – or is it just a MIDI keyboard that comes with some AWS credits. Anyone with any insights, please let me know.

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How Generative Music Works

How Generative Music Works 🔊 2019-12-02 14-35-22

Tero Parvianen has en excellent introduction to Generative Music with lots of live examples. Well worth 20 minutes of your time with lots of food for thought.

How Generative Music Works

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Music Machinery Chapter 2

I’ve spent the last 15 or so years thinking mostly about the machinery that gets music from the bits in an audio recording into the ears of a listener. There are dozens of examples of tools for music discovery, organization and listening in the sidebar at the right on this blog.  But lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit more about the machinery that goes into getting the bits into an audio recording in the first place.  I’m particularly interested in two aspects of this:  (1) music synthesis – the machinery that can create the sounds from scratch and (2) generative music – machinery that can generate the music from scratch.

If you are interested in synthesis and generative music, feel free to follow along in Music Machinery Chapter 2. I’m a newbie at it all so pointers and guidance will be greatly appreciated.