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Hear Here update

A bit more coding this weekend on ‘Hear Here’ my iPhone app that plays music by nearby artists.  It is now feature complete.  The list of features is rather small – it really is a ‘do one thing well’, kind of app.  It plays music by the nearest artists that match your filter. You can filter currently by the popularity of the artist.  If you are adventurous, you can listen to music by all nearby artists, but if you are not so brave you can just listen to music by mainstream or popular artists.   The app shows you how far away the ‘now playing’ artist is and shows you how many artists are within a 25 mile radius.   All music is streamed from Rdio and of course you’ll need an Rdio subscription to hear full streams.  I made my own icon – it is pretty ugly – if you have design skills and want to contribute a logo I’d be very pleased to use it.   Here’s a video of the app in action for a user who happens to be in Cupertino:


Next steps for the app are lots of testing, especially with poor network connectivity.  After that, I’ll make sure I’m following all the rules for Rdio and Apple – and once I’m conforming to all the TOS’s and UI guidelines  I’ll submit it to the App Store (as a free app).

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The Festival Explorer – Austin Edition

Looking for a tool to help you find the best bands to see in Austin during SXSW?  Check out the Festival Explorer – Austin Edition:

It uses Echo Nest data like hotttness, top terms, similar artists to give you all sorts of ways to explore the over 2,000 artists playing in Austin during the next week.   The  Festival Explorer is a free iPhone app, available in the app store now:  Festival Explorer Austin Edition

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Auto-tune for the iPhone

According to Rebecca, it is already the in the top 5 iPhone paid apps, (and it was only released yesterday).  Congrats to Rebecca and the rest of the Smule team for creating yet another really cool iPhone music app.

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Spotify for the iPhone

On the Spotify blog they have a video of the latest version of the Spotify iPhone app that has just been submitted to the iPhone app store for approval. Notice how on the video, the Spotify client  is in the position on the home screen that the iPod app normally occupies.  I wonder if Apple is going to like this.

Some of the interesting details emerging about the app are:

  • Won’t be released in the US app store since Spotify is not available in the U.S (sniff)
  • Free Download
  • Only works for premium users
  • Offline mode allows you to cache 3,333 tracks (!)
  • Works on iPod touch
  • Music stops when you switch away from the app

I’m really looking forward to being able to run this app.   And rumor is that  it won’t be long before people in the US get to play.

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Echo Nest on the iPhone


Melka just updated his Echo Nest Cocoa Framework to make it work with the iPhone.  Here’s his track visualizer running on the device.  This is totally awesome.  And just in time for Music Hackday.

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Leave a comment and the iPhone

Here’s a nifty iPhone commercial that highlights that  has been running in the UK. Cool stuff, nicely done Toby!

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