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Scary and Stretched

In the last few months I’ve found myself listening to Skrillex non-stop – usually because I’m working on some sort of Skrillexed-based hack. One thing about Skrillex – his music is quite layered, there’s lots of interesting sounds packed into every second of a song. I thought I’d explore this layering a little bit by applying Paul’s Stretch to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.  The effect is quite pleasing.

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Bangarang Boomerang

My latest music hack is Bangarang Boomerang. It is a web app (runs in Chrome or the latest Safari), that lets you ‘drive’ the Skrillex song.  You can freeze-frame the song on  a beat, you can make the song go backwards beat by beat, you can advance through the song at  double time, or triple time, and set bookmarks to let you easily jump to different sections of the song. It is a rather fun app that lets you feel like a musician, even if you have very little musical talent.

Watch the quick Youtube demo, and then try it yourself:  Bangarang Boomerang


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