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Machine Learning protest at the G20

Researchers at CMU’s machine learning department had a rally at the G20 to make sure that the world understood the issues and problems that data miners face daily. See the photos. Read more at Mary McGlohon’s Dataphile blog.  Photos by Arthur Gretton

Click for slide show

Protesters in the 'free speech zone' - Click for slide show

John Oliver joins the protest

John Oliver joins the protest

Some more suggestions for signs:

  • End G20’s unsupervised learning
  • Don’t be Naive
  • Fix the hyperplane before we go non-linear
  • You can’t predict my label
  • G20 is nothing but a hyperbolic tangent
  • This is our manifold destiny!
  • Bring back arrested development!
  • Tea Baggers and Boosters unite!

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