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My Fame goes to 11

fameSten has released a new version of the ultra-cool,  award-winning Music Explorer FX.  It has a new feature: The Fame Knob.  While you are exploring for music you can set the Fame Knob up or down to control how well known or obscure the artists shown are.   If you are looking for mainstream artists set the Fame Knob to high. Looking for new, undiscovered artists? Set the Fame Knob to low.

Sten has also included a number of performance enhancements so everything runs super snappy.   Read more about the update on Sten’s blog and give it a whirl.


The Music Explorer FX. Click to launch the app.

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Music Explorer FX – Mobile Edition


Caption contest: what is the guy in the back thinking?

Sten has created a mobile music discovery application that runs on a mobile device.  The application shows similar artists using Echo Nest data.   You can read about the  app and give it a try (it runs on a desktop too), on Sten’s Blog:   Music Explorer FX Mobile Edition

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A glimpse of the Music Explorer

I noticed that Sten posted a photo from the JavaOne pavillion that happens to show the Music Explorer FX in the background.

Sten at JavaOne

Sten at JavaOne

Using my photo-forensic skills, I’ve extracted a detail that shows the Music Explorer FX:


Here you can see Franz Ferdinand, surrounded by a set of similar artists, as well as a audio player,  along with graphics that show familiarity and hotness (all derived from the Echo Nest).   The Music Explorer FX is pretty neat. I hope Sten releases it soon.

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The first music app in the Java App Store?

At the JavaOne keynote this morning, James Gosling and Jonathan Schwartz gave a demo of the new Java App store in front of 20,000 Java developers.    The Java App store is new online store for Java apps.  It’s just like the iPhone App store for Java.  Oh .. and it has about a billion potential shoppers.  One of the very first apps in the store  (and as far as I can tell, the only music app) is an application called Music Explorer FX.  This is a soon to be released Java FX application designed to help you explore the world of music.  I’ve had the opportunity to play with the Music Explorer – it is really quite cool. (and it makes heavy use of the Echo Nest API, which makes it doubly cool).  The developer of the application, Sten Anderson has written a teaser about the app on his blog.  As he says, stay tuned for to find out when the app will be available.

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