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Flash Remix Demo

Ryan Berdeen has been doing some cool things with Flash and the Echo Nest.   He’s been making it the Echo Nest track analysis work with audio mixing functionality of Flash 10, effectively giving remix capabilities to the Flash programmer.  He’s put together a simple demo that lets you upload a track and perform some manipulations of it.  Check it out here:  Flash Remix Demo (and the source is here). The demo uses Ryan’s new Echo Nest Flash API. Cool Stuff!

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Flash API for the Echo Nest

It’s a busy week for client APIs at the Echo Nest.   Developer  Ryan Berdeen has released a Flash API for the Echo Nest.   Ryan’s API supports the track methods of the Echo Nest API,  giving the flash programmer the ability to analyze a track and get detailed info about the track including track metadata, loudness,  mode and key along with detailed information relating to the tracks rhythmic, timbrel, and harmonic content.

One of the sticky bits in using the Echo Nest from Flash has been the track uploader.  People have had a hard time getting it to work – and since we don’t do very much Flash programming here at the nest it never made it to the top of the list of things to look into.  However, Ryan dug in an wrote a MultipartFormDataEncoder that works with the track upload API method – solving the problem not just for him, but for everyone.

Ryan’s timing for this release is most excellent. This release comes just in time for Music Hackday – where hundreds of developers (presumably including a number of flash programmers) will be hacking away at the various music APIs including the Echo Nest.  Special thanks goes to Ryan for developing this API and making it available to the world

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