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More confusing than Memento

Ben Lacker, one of our leading computational remixologists here at the Echo Nest has been improving the video remix capabilities of the Echo Nest remix API.   On Friday, he remixed this mind blower.  It’s Coldplay’s music video for ‘The Scientist’ – beat reversed, which means that song is played in reverse order beat by beat (but each  beat is still played in forward order).    Since Coldplay’s video is already shot in reverse order, the resulting video has a story that unfolds in proper chronological order, but where every second of video runs backwards, while the music unfolds in reverse chronological order while every beat runs forward.  I get a little bit of a stomachache watching this video.

Ben has committed the code for this remix to the Echo Nest remix code samples so feel free to check it out and hack on it.    I hope to see some more interesting music and video remixes coming out of the upcoming Music Hackday.

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