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Spot the sweatsedo!

While all of the hackers were making music hacks at last weekend’s Music Hack Day, the non-technical staff from The Echo Nest were working on their own hack – a video of the event.  They’ve posted it on Youtube. It is pretty neat – with a cool remix soundtrack by Ben Lacker.

But wait … they also tweeted this contest:

To win the contest, you had to count the number of Echo Nest tee-shirts and Sweatsedos appear in the video and tweet the results.  It turns out it was a really hard contest.  My first try I counted 12, but there were many more, some were very very subtle.  But we do have a winner!   Here’s the answer key:

Last night at 7:30 PM EST one Kevin Dela Rosa posted this tweet:

Congrats to Kevin for his excellent counting ability!  Kevin please email  your size and shipping info to and we’ll get you into the smooth and velvety blue!

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