The Duke Listens! Archive

Before I joined the Echo Nest I worked in the research lab at Sun Microsystems. During my tenure at Sun I maintained a blog called ‘Duke Listens!’ where I wrote about things that I was interested in (mostly music recommendation, discovery, visualization, Music 2.0).   When Oracle bought Sun a few years back they shut down the blogs for ex-employees and Duke Listens! was no more.  However, a kind soul named John Henning spent quite a bit of time writing perl scripts to capture all the Duke Listens data. He stuck in on a CD and gave it to me.  It has been sitting on my computer for about a year. This weekend, while hanging out on the Music Hack Day IRC I wrote some python (thanks BeautifulSoup), reformatted the blog posts, created some indices and pushed out a static version of the blog.

You can now visit the Duke Listens! Archive and look through more than a 1,000 blog posts that chronicle the 5 years of Music 2.0 history (from 2004 to 2009). Some favorite posts:


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