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Duke Listens! returns (again)

A few months ago, we finally shutdown the final remnants of the old Echo Nest infrastructure. One of casualties of this final shutdown was the archive of my old blog Duke Listens! that I authored while I was a researcher at Sun Labs. However, I did manage to have a backup sitting on an old backblaze disk, so this morning I took a bit of time to re-host it on one of my personal servers. You can find it at:

The blog serves as a reminder of the history of music recommendation and discovery during the iPhone era. Some notable posts:

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The Duke Listens! Archive

Before I joined the Echo Nest I worked in the research lab at Sun Microsystems. During my tenure at Sun I maintained a blog called ‘Duke Listens!’ where I wrote about things that I was interested in (mostly music recommendation, discovery, visualization, Music 2.0).   When Oracle bought Sun a few years back they shut down the blogs for ex-employees and Duke Listens! was no more.  However, a kind soul named John Henning spent quite a bit of time writing perl scripts to capture all the Duke Listens data. He stuck in on a CD and gave it to me.  It has been sitting on my computer for about a year. This weekend, while hanging out on the Music Hack Day IRC I wrote some python (thanks BeautifulSoup), reformatted the blog posts, created some indices and pushed out a static version of the blog.

You can now visit the Duke Listens! Archive and look through more than a 1,000 blog posts that chronicle the 5 years of Music 2.0 history (from 2004 to 2009). Some favorite posts:


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