ISMIR Poster Madness part 2

Poster madness! Version 2 – even faster this time. I can’t keep up

  1. Singing Pitch Extraction – Taiwan
  2. Usability Evaluation of Visualization interfaces for content-based music retrieval – looks really cool! 3D
  3. Music Paste – concatenating music clipbs based on chroma and rhythm features
  4. Musical bass-line pattern clustering and its application aduio gener classification
  5. Detecting cover sets – looks nice – visualization – MTG
  6. Using Musical Structure to enhance automatic chord transcription –
  7. Visualizing Musical Structure from performance gesture – motion
  8. From low-level to song-level percussion descriptors of polyphonic music
  9. MTG – Query by symbolic example – use a DNA/Blast type approach
  10. sten – web-based approach to determine the origin of an artist – visualizations
  11. XML-format for any kind of time related symbolic data
  12. Erik Schmidt – FPGA feature extraction. MIR for devices
  13. Accelerating QBH – another hardware solution – 160 times faster
  14. Learning to control a reverberator using subjective perceptual descriptors –  more boomy
  15. Interactive GTTM Analyzer –
  16. Estimating the error distribution of a tap sequence without ground Truth – Roger Dannenburg
  17. Cory McKay – ACE XML – Standard formats for features, metadata, labels  and class ontologies
  18. An efficient multi-resolution spectral transform for music analysis
  19. Evaluation of multiple F0 estimation and tracking systems

BTW – Oscar informs me that this is not the first ever poster madness – there was one in Barcelona


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