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Is Music Recommendation Broken? How can we fix it?

Save the date: 26th September 2010 for The Workshop on Music Recommendation and Discovery being held in conjunction with ACM RecSys in Barcelona, Spain.  At this  workshop, community members from the Recommender System, Music Information Retrieval, User Modeling, Music Cognition, and Music Psychology can meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest for Womrad 2010 include:

  • Music recommendation algorithms
  • Theoretical aspects of music recommender systems
  • User modeling in music recommender systems
  • Similarity Measures, and how to combine them
  • Novel paradigms of music recommender systems
  • Social tagging in music recommendation and discovery
  • Social networks in music recommender systems
  • Novelty, familiarity and serendipity in music recommendation and discovery
  • Exploration and discovery in large music collections
  • Evaluation of music recommender systems
  • Evaluation of different sources of data/APIs for music recommendation and exploration
  • Context-aware, mobile, and geolocation in music recommendation and discovery
  • Case studies of music recommender system implementations
  • User studies
  • Innovative music recommendation applications
  • Interfaces for music recommendation and discovery systems
  • Scalability issues and solutions
  • Semantic Web, Linking Open Data and Open Web Services for music recommendation and discovery

More info:  Wormrad 2010 Call for papers


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