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The Time Empire Strikes Back

It looks like Time has taken some action to combat the hack of the Time 100 Poll.  They are now using a captcha to verify that the voter is a human – the result being that the  4chan autovoters  are now being banned.

The new captcha

The new captcha

With the new defenses in place,  the delicate balance of the poll results order can no longer be maintained by  the /b/tards.   The Message is no more:


After just a couple of hours,  the Message has decayed  from “marblecake also the game” to “mablre caelakosteghamm”.

carboniteI don’t think this is the final shot in the war. I suspect that even as I type this the 4chan folks are poking and prodding, looking for another chink in Time’s armor.    It will be interesting to see if and when they respond.    Still, 4chan has awoken the sleeping giant. They’ve been noticed, and whatever they do, now that the giant is awake and paying attention, it will be much harder for them.  But, I wouldn’t bet against the /b/tards yet.    It’s like the final moments in Star Wars Episode V.    Yes, Han Solo is currently frozen in carbonite, but honestly, you know he’s going to make it out in the next episode.

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