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22 students + 10 days + Echo Nest == Awesome!

The students in Mark Chang‘s mobile development course at Olin college  just completed the mid-semester #mobdev contest. This was a 10-day sprint to create a compelling product prototype on the Android platform that used the Echo Nest APIs. Teams were judged on the business model,  design, and implementation of their prototype. As Mark puts it: Substance, Style and a convincing way to make money.

Beat Counter

In 10 days, these students built 7 awesome apps – each with a solid business model behind it.  Here’s a summary:

  • Beat Counter –  A music listening application made especially for choreographers.
  • Music Trails –  An application that helps listeners freely explore new music by visually navigating a web of connected artists.
  • DJMixr – An application that lets people collectively play music. This is the winning app!
  • BeatBlocker – a synchronized music game for the casual gaming market
  • PacePlayer – an application for casual runners that enjoy listening to music
  • Bandroid – An application for finding local concerts
  • Driving Beat – an application that was so awesome that it is now a state secret.

I hope to see all of these apps in the Android marketplace very soon. Special thanks to Debcha for connecting The Echo Nest with mobdev

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Echo Nest Client Library for the Android Platform

The Echo Nest is participating in annual mobdev contest for the Mobile Application Development (mobdev) course at Olin College offered by Mark L. Chang.  Already, our participation is bearing fruit.  Ilari Shafer, one of our course assistants created  a version of the Echo Nest Java client library that runs on Android.  You can fetch it here:  echo-nest-android-java-api [zip].

I spent a few hours yesterday talking to the mobdev class.  The students had lots of great questions and lots of really interesting ideas on how to use the Echo Nest APIs to build interesting mobile apps.  I can’t wait to see what they build in 10 days.

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