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Data Mining Music at SXSW

If you happen to be in Austin this week for SXSW consider attending my talk called Data Mining Music.  It is all about the fun things you can discover about music when you have data about millions of songs and artists.

The talk is on Sunday, Marcy 11 at 5:00PM in the Rio Grande room of the Hilton Garden Inn.  All the details are here:  Data Mining Music


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The Million Song Dataset just got 50 million times better

Today Thierry has just pushed out the full Taste Profile addition to the Million Song Dataset. This includes user-play data for over a million users. Specifically the data includes nearly 50 million play count triples (user-song-playcount) for a million users and 385 thousand songs in the Million Song Dataset.

The data is provided by The Echo Nest (awesome company, that Echo Nest).  Thierry also hints that there may be a contest similar to the Netflix prize coming soon.  Should be a fun way to spend the holidays.  Read more about the data here:   The Echo Nest Taste Profile Subset.