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Getty Images and The Echo Nest

This week, The Echo Nest and Getty Images announced that they were partnering to make thousands of high quality artist images available for developers through The Echo Nest API. Getty Images has spent years building an amazing library of artist images and now, as a result of this partnership, it is easy for developers to use these images in music apps.

I took the new Getty Images API for a spin and built a couple of apps that show how easy it is to build an Echo Nest app that uses the images. First, I built an app that shows images of the top hotttest artists:




Next, since Getty Images has some really awesome images going back to the classic rock era, I adapted my app to show some Getty Images for some of our top classic rock artists:




We’ve extended our image API to return additional information with the Getty images. There’s image attribution information, image size information, and some curated image tags that you can use to select the best image for your app. Tags include landscape, portrait, black-and-white, solo, award, performance, color and many more.

The Getty Images are really top notch. ┬áIt’s a great addition to The Echo Nest API. I’m excited to see how developers will use this asset.

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