Getting Artist News with The Echo Nest

Next up in this week of demos is The Artist News demo. This is a simple demonstration of how to get recent news articles for any of the  millions of artists tracked by The Echo Nest.  To get artist news,  you use the artist/news API call.  This call accepts the artist name or ID (an Echo Nest ID or the artist ID from any of our Rosetta partners, including Rdio, Spotify, Rhapsody,  7Digital and many more). You can also set a ‘high relevance’ flag if you want to restrict the results to only news articles that are mainly about the given artist.

The Artist News Demo is quite straightforward. Type in an artist’s name, and you’ll get the most recent news about the artist.  Here’s a screenshot:


You can try out the app here: Artist News.  The source is on github.

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