Getting the Hotttest Artists in any genre with The Echo Nest API

If you spend a few hours listening to broadcast radio it becomes pretty evident who the most popular pop artists are.  You can’t go too long before you hear a song by Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Bruno Mars or P!nk.  The hotttest pop artists get lots of airplay.  But what about all the other music out there?  Who are the hotttest gothic metal artists? Who are the most popular Texas blues artists?   Those are the kind of questions we try to answer with today’s Echo Nest demo:  The Hotttest Artists


This app lets you select from among over 400 different genres from a cappella to Zydeco and see who are the hotttest artists in that genre.  The output includes a brief bio and image of the artist, and of course you can listen to any artist via Rdio.   The app is an interesting way to explore all of the different genres out there and sample some different types of music.  The source is available on github. The whole thing including all Javascript, html and CSS is less than 500 lines.

Try out the Hotttest Artist app  and be sure to check out all of the other Echo Nest demos on our demo page.

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