Hacking on the Echo Nest at Boston Music Hack Day

Kind of Blue

Kind of Green

If you are going to the Music Hack Day Boston this weekend, you may want to consider creating an hack based on the Echo Nest APIs.  The Echo Nest is offering a prize for the best hack that is built based upon Echo Nest technology.  The prize is the much coveted Echo Nest Sweatsedo.  The softness, the coolness and the ‘blueness’ of this casual attire is unsurpassed by the clothing offered by any other music technology company.  However, we realize that not everyone can wear the sweatsedo with proper style. For those, who are not cool enough to wear the Echo Nest sweatsedo, they can opt for the alternate prize of $1,000 cash.  So your choice is for a prize is a Kind of Blue, or a Kind of Green.

But, wait! There’s more. Since we are unveiling two new APIs at Music Hack Day weekend,  we are going to offer not one, but two prizes, one to each of the two best hacks that use the Echo Nest APIs.   If you create one of the two best hacks that use the Echo Nest, you will get to chose from the ‘Kind of Blue’ or the ‘Kind of Green’ prize.   So get hacking!

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