Even without Zooey, Music Hack Days are pretty awesome

Paul + Matt @ The Hub - Photo by Thomas Bonte

This picture represents the perfection of the Music Hack Day.  Here I am sitting at my computer, in a dark room, totally focused on building my hack, while I sit next to the music technology superstar Matt Ogle of Last.fm. In front of me is a beer, a red bull and a glass of Ben Fields‘ private stock. What could be better than this!  (Well, I suppose sitting on my right, just out of view could be Zooey Deschanel, that might be better).  If you want to find yourself in such a position, then consider signing up for one of the upcoming Music Hack Days.  There’s one in Barcelona on October 2,3 and there’s one in Boston on October 16, 17.   Registrations are going fast, so sign up early to guarantee that you’ll have a seat.

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