Do you do Music Information Retrieval?

We’re ramping up hiring at the Echo Nest. We’re looking for good MIR people at different experience levels to help us realize the company’s vision of knowing everything about all music automatically. I would guess that we are the closest analog to ISMIR in the industry– we only do music (audio and text), the base technology is straight out of our dissertations (brian, tristan)  and we’re active in conferences and universities. We work with an amazing amount of music data on a daily basis and we sell it to some great people and companies that are changing the face of music.

MIR-background candidates are especially encouraged to apply as long as you have relevant experience and want to work on implementation at a very fast growing startup. These are almost all full time positions in our offices near Boston, MA USA. Even if you’re not graduating for a while let us know if you’re interested now.

More info at:

Group coding session at The Echo Nest

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