Frasier does Nine Inch Nails

Oh My –  Musician Josh Millard  has recreated The Downward Spiral using nothing but audio from the NBC sitcom Frasier. So wrong, and yet, so right.  Josh has the whole remixed album plus a video on his blog:

Nine Inch Niles – The Seattleward Spiral

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  1. #1 by Josh Millard on June 5, 2010 - 11:03 am

    Ha, thanks for the shout out! It really is pretty wrong, but I was surprised that it came out as semi-listenable in parts as it did.

    This came on the tail end of a lot of fucking around with afromb the last week or so where I found that it’s pretty hard to get anything coherent out of a mix=1 pure-b-track composition; multiplexing it like this helped some in terms of making it more texturally interesting than a single afromb run, but that doesn’t deal with the problem of the output tracks all being confined to the same sometimes-hurky-sounding beat analysis of the a track — the new rhythmic (or often somewhat arhythmic-seeming) signature of the analyzed track gets manifested by every run, so you don’t get more complicated sub-beat stuff that varies between each run.

    NIN as source material works better than a lot of stuff in that respect it seems like, I’m guessing because the songs have such aggressive uptempo sub-beats that give the beat analysis routine a really granual picture of the original song. And so the output is more explicitly machine-gun rhythmic, and you get fewer weird stumbles and dead-air gaps from short sharp attack bits from the b track being paired to longer smoother bits form the a track.

    Anyway, I’m loving this stuff. Have a bunch of other ideas I want to play with yet; I need to get up to speed on Python and the API so that I can start fiddling more at a code level than I have been so far, start turning my What If stuff into Why Not &c.

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