On more reason to go to Music Hack Day San Francisco

Boxee is coming to Music Hack Day San Francisco – and they will be bringing along a Boxee Box to be given to the best music application that runs on the Boxee.  Boxee is a really cool environment for writing music apps – they have a nifty Python API that gives you all sorts of control over the device.  It also means that you can easily write apps on Boxee that take advantage of The Echo Nest APIs giving you world class music recommendations,  detailed info about artists such as news, reviews, blogs, audio and video and even the ability to algorithmically remix music.  Best of all, Boxee puts music apps right where they should be – in the living room.  Imagine the kind of music app that you’d want to have running on your 48″ living room  TV –  something  that you’d use when sitting on the couch, or when you have a party, or when the gang is getting tired of Guitar hero.    What I’d love to have running in my living room is a Pandora-style radio, running on my TV, but instead of seeing static album art,  I’d like the app to show artist images or images that match the mood or the theme of the music.   Ken Burns meets my favorite music.  The cool thing is, this is exactly the type of app that can be written in a weekend at the Music Hack Day.  Can’t wait.


  1. #1 by Derek Gathright on May 9, 2010 - 3:44 pm

    Great idea! I’ll be around and could lend a hand with some YQL + Flickr stuff that could easily handle this.

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