Stalking the BArCMuT

For the last 6 months or so, I’ve been a stealth member of the Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group (a.k.a BArCMuT).   BArCMuT is a gathering of music technology enthusiasts that gather to talk about computer music techniques and technologies. They’ve had an incredible line up of speakers over the years including David Cope, Ge Wang, and  John Chowning.  I have meetup-envy  whenever I visit the BArCMuT site.  I wish we had such a group here in the Boston area.

Next month, my stalking of BArCMuT comes to an end, when I get to attend, and give a talk at a BArCMuT meetup.  On May 13th I’ll be speaking at BArCMuT about Echo Nesty things like music analysis and remix.  It should be fun! Thanks to Noah Thorpe and the rest of the organizers for letting me come and show some of the stuff we’ve been working on.  If you are in San Fran on May 13 consider attending.  Sign up here


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