ISMIR Poster Madness

A new feature of ISMIR this year – Poster Madness – poster presenters have 30 seconds to pitch their stuff.  Closest thing to a researcher cage match that we’ll see here at ISMIR.  Posters that caught my eye:

  • An Analysis of ISMIR Proceedings by Jin Ha Lee – she had to carry a big poster. A visualization of the authorship space
  • ISMIR Tag Cloud Browser – really cool –
  • Meinard Mueller on the spot – where’s Verena? Tempo curves for performance analysis
  • Matija: Field recordings of folk music and interviews – automatic segmentation and labeling this data
  • Thibault – musc classificatoin on timbral features – playlists- hmmm what’s new here?
  • Frieder Stolzenburg – Harmony perception =
  • Musical instrument detector – this looks really neat.  Can detect prescence of 10 instruments – T
  • Univeristy of Crete – Andre – rhytmic similary of turkish music
  • Onset detection
  • Dominkus – shades of music – dealing with heterogenous music similarity -subsong similarities –  looks really neat
  • NOrberto – onset detection – an ensemble technique
  • Lyric emotion detection – NLP, fuzzy clustering, Yajiee HU
  • Peter Knees – Browsing Music Recommndation Networks – content-based similarity – 40% songs are never recommended. Hubs!
  • KDDI – Full-automatic DJ mixing system.  Tempo adjustment –  must see this.
  • Hiding information in a music score? WTF?
  • Improving Musical Concept detection – Taiwan University
  • Laurent oudre – template based chord recognition – simple fast
  • Tag-aware spectral clustering of music items.  Ioannis Karydis. 3 way relationships.  Good paper, will see this.
  • Christ Santora, F0 estimation – MDCT –
  • SOM of folksongs – a music visualization of folk music from 22 cultures
  • Using XML-Formatted scores in real-time applications –
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