Echo Nest projects at Music Hackday

Here are some of the interesting Music Hackday projects that I’ve noticed that are using the Echo Nest.  In no particular order:  (Update: Added the Music Bore)

  • iPhone Music Visualizer – an iPhone app that downloads tracks from Soundcloud, sends them to Echonest for analysis then uses openGL to play the track with a visualiser.mhd-imv
  • MusicBore – an IRC bot that knows more about music than you do
  • Danzen Party Mix = Puts a DONK on a music blog
  • Music Bore –  Hello. I am the Music Bore. I play music and I like to tell you ALL about the music I play.  See the video
  • Pix n Mixer – Allows a user to combine their favourite bars from different music songs into a single coherent audio file. Python beatmatches track’, creates audio file for each bar remixes tracks together.20090712-mbaqyytu68reia2a9eq1b9yiap.tif
  • BotTalk – creates Girl Talk-Esque mixtapes – example:
  • LONCYN – this hack looks at how long past artists have taken to appear in one city after first appearing in the other. This information is used to ‘predict’ when an artist that hasn’t appeared in both cities will make it big.
  • SoundCloud playlist sampler – Automated album sampler/preview generation from public SoundCloud playlists
  • MakeMyMixtape – Tell us your favourite genre and we return a pre-mixed audio file featuring the top artists for that genre.


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