Put a DONK on it

rfwatson has just released a site called donkdj that will ‘remix your favourite song into a bangin’ hard dance anthem‘.   You upload a track and donkdj turns it into a dance remix.   The results are just brilliant.  Here are a few examples:

The site uses The Echo Nest Remix API to do all of the heavy lifting – adding a kick, snap, claps and the infamous donk (I had to look it up … a donk is a a pipe/plank-sound, that is used in Bouncy/scouse house/NRG music). What is doubly cool is rfwatson has open sourced his remix code so you can look under the hood and see how it works and adapt it for your own use.    The core of this remix is done in just 200 lines of python code.

donkdj is really cool – the results sound  fantastic and the open sourcing of the code makes it easy for anyone else to make their own remixer.  I can’t wait to see it when  someone makes an automatic Stephen Colbert remixer.

Update:  Ben showed me this post that points to this video about Donk:

The full series is available here.


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