One Blog, Two Blog, Old Blog, New Blog

Here are a couple of blogs to add to your blog roll. First, Stephen Green (aka SearchGuy) has started posting to his blog again.  Steve writes indepth articles about the innards of a search engine – and why that inverted text file that you created for your CS 301 homework is not going to put Google out of business anytime soon.  It’s a good blog:  SearchGuy.

Second, Jeremy seems to now be blogging – this makes me quite sad, because Jeremy has regularly emailed me blog fodder – so now that he has his own blog, I suspect that source will dry up.  But it is all for the greater good. Jeremy is writing interesting articles about search from a higher vantage point than Steve.  Jeremey says: “My idea was to have a place where interested researchers and search observers can gather, survey, and discuss information retrieval from a useful vantage point: somewhere tall where you can get a good overview of what is happening.”   Jeremy is blogging at Information Retrieval Gupf.

  1. #1 by jeremy on February 24, 2009 - 2:11 pm

    “Gupf”, not “Guph” :-) Pronounced “Goopf”

    My primary interest in blogging is to address the social and political implications of the technologies that we’re creating. Some technical discussion will of course permeate, but hopefully with the end goal of understanding the assumptions that we make as we create the search technology.

    So I see no reason to stop sending you fodder — because that only enhances the discussion. :-)

  2. #2 by plamere on February 24, 2009 - 2:13 pm

    whoops. will fix. thanks!

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