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How Music Information Retrieval can help you get the girl

Parag Chordia from Georgia Tech and his colleagues have spun out a music-tech company called khush.  Khush makes cutting-edge artificial intelligence music applications.  Their first app is LaDiDa – which is an auto-accompaniment application.  You sing a capella into your iPhone and Ladida plays it back with a full accompaniment of music …. something like Songsmith (but with good music).

I had a chance to chat with Parag, along with Khush CEO Perna Gupta (she’s the dream girl in the video, btw),  and Alex Rae (programmer+music geek).  These folks are fired up about khush and LaDiDa.  It’s great to see another innovative company come out of the MIR world.  I think they will be going places.

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