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Upcoming Music Hack Days – Chicago, Bologna and NYC


Photo by Thomas Bonte

Fall is traditional Music Hack Day season, and 2013 is shaping up to be the strongest yet. Three Music Hack Days have just been announced:

  • Chicago – September 21st and 22nd – this will be the first ever Music Hack Day in Chicago.
  • Bologna – October 5th and 6th – in collaboration with roBOt Festival 2013. The first Music Hack Day in Italy.
  • New York – October 18th and 19th – being held in Spotify’s nifty new offices.

There will no doubt be more hack days before the end of the year including the traditional Boston and London events.  You can check out the full schedule and sign up to be notified whenever at a new Music Hack Day is announced at

Music Hack Day is an international 24-hour event where programmers, designers and artists come together to conceptualize, build and demo the future of music. Software, hardware, mobile, web, instruments, art – anything goes as long as it’s music related.

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“We will hack!”

Music Hack Day NYC 2011 is done!  What a weekend it was!  175 Hackers built 72 kick ass hacks in 24 hours.  Much thanks to General Assembly for hosting the weekend in their wonderful ‘urban campus’.  The facilities were top notch, wireless and network were flawless and the people from General Assembly were incredibly accommodating.

Music Hack Day presentations at General Assembly

John Britton from Twilio and NYHacker brought the whole event together lining up the venue, and great set of sponsors. (Oh, and Twilio is really cool – fantastic API for hacking on phones).

John Britton (channeling Roger Daltry) thanks the sponsors

The event would not have happened without Elissa and and sweatsedo army  that did everything that needed to get done – from setting up 200 folding chairs, registering the hackers,  serving beer, to taking out the trash. Thanks to Elissa, Matthew, Meghan, Janelle and DJ Sohn for working around the clock to make this all happen!

The sweatsedo army and their Commander

There are some great reporting on the Music Hack Day already appearing on line:

Be sure to check out Thomas Bonte’s excellent Flickr photostream of the event.

Compulsory photo of official Music Hack Day model Matt Ogle with his fans

Final thanks to Dave Haynes for kicking off the Music Hack Day  and diligently shepherding the movement over the last two years.  Music Hack Day is now an unstoppable force!

Dave and Jason

Eric and the SoundCloud gang put together the Music Hack Day Rap – just listen to the energy in the crowd (and this is after sitting through nearly 3 hours and 72 demos):

I had a great time at the event – can’t wait to do it again next year!


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Music Hack Day comes to New York City

Mark your calendar!  Music Hack Day is coming to New York City on February 12 and 13.  Registrations are live, and going fast. This event is guaranteed to sell out. Register early if you want a seat:

Photo by Thomas Bonte


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