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Tutorial Day at ISMIR

Monday was tutorial day. After months of preparation, Justin finally got to present our material. I was a bit worried that our timing on the talk would be way out of wack and we’d have to self edit on the fly – but all of our time estimates seemed to be right on the money. whew! The tutorial was well attended with 80 or so registered – and lots of good questions at the end. All in all I was pleased at how it turned out. Here’s Justin talking about Echo Nest features:

Justin presenting the tutorial

After the tutorial a bunch of us went into town for dinner. 15 of us managed to find a restaurant that could accommodate us – and after lots of miming and pointing at pictures on the menu we managed to get a good meal. Lots of fun.

Dinner in Kobe

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My first moments in Kobe – ISMIR 2009

After a 26 hours of travel from Nashua to Kobe Japan  via Bostin,  NYC,  Tokyo to Osaka  I arrived to find an extremely comfortable hotel at the conference center:

The conference hotel is the Portopia Hotel.  It is quite nice.  Here’s the lobby:

And the tower:

I went for a walk this morning to find an American-sized cup of coffee (24 oz is standard issue at Dunkin’s).  This is the closest thing I could find.  Looks like I’ll need another source of caffeine on this trip:

Thanks to Masataka, Ichiro and the rest of the conference committee for providing such a wonderful venue for ISMIR 2009.

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