The Ultimate Thanksgiving Playlist

On the annual drive to Thanksgiving dinner I’ve tortured my family with Alice’s Restaurant too many times over the years. Arlo Guthrie’s classic is still, in my mind, the classic Thanksgiving song, but there has to be more. So this year, I set out to expand my repertoire of Thanksgiving music – to build the ultimate Thanksgiving playlist. To do so, I looked through the top 300 or so most listened to Thanksgiving playlists on Spotify and found the top 100 songs that most frequently appear in all of these playlists, after discounting for popularity. Here are the results: The Ultimate Thanksgiving Playlist:

[spotify spotify:user:plamere:playlist:7EOwcqcYhCDsrvoutSVP9E]

This is six hours of Thanksgiving music. All the classics are there, from Alice’s Restaurant to We are going to be Friends by the White Stripes.  It should get you through the Thanksgiving drive, the meal, dessert and maybe even an after dinner snack.

However, if you want to synchronize your cooking and your music listening, there’s no better way then to hop on over to Time For Turkey for your basting+music needs.

And since the Christmas season starts immediately after the last piece of pumpkin pie has been consumed, lets not waste time breaking out the Christmas playlist. Here are the top 100 songs appearing across the most popular 1,000 Christmas playlists: Top Christmas Songs

[spotify spotify:user:plamere:playlist:26fUkb0ZQdg62IY497OdNL]
  1. #1 by on November 27, 2014 - 12:12 am

    hi Paul — I expect lots of good music on Turkey-day….. I can’t wait, bring it on, or in this case, over!

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