The Curation Station

I’ve spent the weekend on the 35th floor of a very fancy office building in the heart of Boston hacking on the TV at Hill Holliday‘s TVnext Hack.  My hack is called ‘The Curation Station’.  It is a tool for helping music curators pick new music for TV shows.  Here’s how it works:

The curator enters the name of the the TV show – the app then uses either the Rdio or the Watchwith API to find music that has played on those shows.  The curator is then brought to the curation screen where the song collection can be visualized and previewed along any of 16 Echo Nest parameters such as energy, loudness, danceability, artist hotttnesss and so on.


You can click on any particular song, inspect all of its attributes   You can use this to explore the collection and to find new music that matches the mood or style of show.  If you like a particular song, you can ask to see and hear more new music like that song.  If you like one of the recommended songs you can save it for future use.  You can try the app out here: The Curation Station 

I’ve enjoyed the weekend at TVNext hack.  It was a really nice event – with all the best amenities for hacking. Well done all!

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