Music, Tech, Art and Interactivity in one great party

This friday, my daughter Jennie and I will be heading down to Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood to take part in DUMBO Summer Friday.  We’ll be showing off some nifty music hacks that have been built recently, including our OMA winning Bohemian Rhapsichord. We are especially excited to show off a brand new hack called Bangarang Boomerang. This hack can turn you into Skrillex with about 5 minutes of practice.  I’ll be sure to post a link after the event on Friday. Here’s the link:   Bangarang Boomerang

If you are in NYC on Friday, head on over to the DUMBO Arch for day of music, tech, art and interactivity.

Update: We had a great day at the dumbo arch showing off all sorts of music hacks.  It was great to see some of the local music tech celebs (Eliot, Jason, Peter).  Demoing music in the arch was quite a challenge. Strange acoustics, trains driving by every 5 minutes overhead.  Special thanks to Cy Cary for going the extra mile to make sure that our sound was top notch.   Here’s a picture while we were setting up:

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