The Hack Day Manifesto

What do you need to do to put on a good hack event like a Music Hack Day? Read The Hack Day Manifesto for insights on what it takes to make sure you don’t have hack event fail.   Here’s some choice bits:

Your 4MB DSL isn’t enough

Hack days have special requirements: don’t just trust anyone who tells you that “it’ll be fine”. Think about the networking issues, and verify that they work for the kind of capacity you are going to have. People from the venue or their commercial partner will tell you all sorts of things you want to hear but keep in the back of your mind that they may not have any clue what they are talking about. Given the importance of network access, if you are operating a commercial event consider requiring network performance as part of your contract with venues and suppliers.

Rock solid WiFi

Many commercial WiFi providers plan for much lower use than actually occurs at hack days. The network should be capable of handling at least 4 devices per attendee.

Don’t make people feel unwelcome

Avoid sexism and other discriminatory language or attitudes. Don’t make any assumptions about your attendees. Get someone who is demographically very different from you to check your marketing material through to see if it makes sense and isn’t offensive to someone who doesn’t share your background.

Read The Hack Day Manifesto. If you agree with the sentiment, and you have enough hacker juice to fork the manifesto, edit it and send a pull request, you are invited to add yourself to the list of supporters.

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