3D Spotify Music Explorer

Here’s a video of an early prototype of a 3D Music Explorer that runs as a Spotify App.  The visualization shows a series of interconnected Echo Nest playlists that you can explore.  You can fly through your music,  listen to anything you see, and create a new playlist starting at any point in the visualization, all from within the Spotify App.

[youtube http://youtu.be/q-s7EK6mHR8]

I’m using the awesome three.js for the 3D bits, all the rest is Echo Nest and Spotify APIs.  Frame rates with 500 albums showing is  60 FPS   Note that there’s a strange interaction between quicktime (that I used for screen capture) and Spotify audio – I wasn’t able to play new songs in Spotify while recording the demo, so there’s no song changes in the video.

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