Fans Forever and Ever

One of my very very favorite hacks from this weekend’s Music Hack Day is Greg Sabo’s  Fans Forever And Ever.  “Fans Forever and Ever” automatically generates a (sometimes rather creepy) fan page for an artist. It works by taking an artist’s cultural data from The Echo Nest API as well as song lyrics from musiXmatch.  The fictional fan that creates the page has a randomly created  set of personality traits drawn from a pool of crazy.  I especially like the Geocities look and the borderline-psychotic poetry:

Give me country music!

Here’s a poem I wrote:

I fill myself with the pop sound

The concert changed my life
I hope I do a good job
die, die

…because death is the only solution
I put it on my iPod
I’ll just put on some female
such music
HEAVEN is the only place for Taylor Swift
My friends don’t understand female artist
There is only one life that I want to take

I live for the music.
what should I wear as I commit murder

“Forever & Always” gets me every time

it’s a shame to make it go quick
I don’t care what they say
I have a collection of saws
Never ever say I’m not a true Taylor Swift fan

‘Fans Forever and Ever’  makes sure you remember to keep the ‘fan’ in ‘fanatic’.

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