On the trail – Mount Eisenhower

It’s been a good hiking season so far this year. I’ve spent 4 of the last 5 Saturdays on the trail (the weekend trip to London for the Music Hack Day kept me off the trail one weekend).  Yesterday Jennie and I climbed Mt. Eisenhower, one of the southern presidentials in the White Mountains here in New Hampshire.  It was a very rare day for the southern presidentials, the entire ridge was in the clear, with great views in all directions.

On the trail

Worst weather in America, but not today

Walking the ridge. Fall colors are already out in the North Country

Above treeline, with a view of Mt. Washington

At the summit. Cold, windy, with great views.

After the hike we popped over to the base station for the cog railway that goes to the top of Mount Washington.

The Cog Railway

  1. #1 by Paul A. Houle on October 1, 2010 - 1:07 pm

    I grew up in New Hampshire, and greatly enjoyed the southern presidentials. Mount Eisenhower has a rocky, bald peak that’s a bit like the bald head of the President… Mount Washington has a similarly rocky cone, but Eisenhower’s is smaller. I remember there are some angles approaching from the south where one could take a good photo of it.

    I went looking in my database and could only find
    Mount Washington in that area… Did you approach from the west?

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