Solving Misheard Lyric Search Queries ….

Solving Misheard Lyric Search Queries  using a Probabilistic Model of Speech Sounds

Hussein Hirjee and Daniel G. Brown

People often use lyrics to find songs – and they get them wrong. Some examples  ‘Nirvana’ = “Don’t walk on guns, burn your friends”.  Approach: look at using phonetic similarity.  They adapt ‘blast’ from DNA sequence matching to the problem.  Lyrics are represented as a sequence of matrix.

For training, they get data from ‘misheard lyrics’ sites like  They align the misheard with the real lyrics – to build a model of frequently  misheard phonemes.  They tested with misheard lyrics.  Scored with 5 different models.

Evaluation: Mean Reciprocal Rank and Hit Rank by Rank.  The approach compared well with previous techniques.  Still, 17% of lyrics are still not identified – some are just bad queries, but dealing with short queries is a source of errors.  They also looked at phoneme confusion, in particular confusions caused by singing.

Future work: look at phoneme trigrams, and build a web site. Quesitioner suggests that they create a mondegreen generator

Good presentation, interesting, fun  problem area.

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