Python and Music at PyCon 2010

If you are lucky enough to be heading to PyCon this week and are interested in hacking on music,  there are two talks that you should check out:

DJing in Python: Audio processing fundamentals – In this talk Ed Abrams talks about how his experiences in building a real-time audio mixing application in Python.  I caught a dry-run of this talk at the local Python SIG – lots of info packed into this 30 minute talk.   One of the big takeaways from this talk is the results of Ed’s evaluation of a number of Pythonic audio processing libraries. Sunday 01:15pm, Centennial I

Remixing Music Pythonically – This is a talk by Echo Nest friend and über-developer Adam Lindsay.  In this talk Adam talks about the Echo Nest remix library.   Adam, a frequent contributor to remix, will offer details on the concise expressiveness offered when editing multimedia driven by content-based features, and some insights on what Pythonic magic did and didn’t work in the development of the modules. Audio and video examples of the fun-yet-odd outputs that are possible will be shown. Sunday 01:55pm, Centennial I

The schedulers at PyCon have done a really cool thing and have put the talks back to back in the same room.   Also, keep your eye out for  the Hacking on Music OpenSpace

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