Watch out world, the Echo Nest is now unstoppable

Today, we are unveiling the new Echo Nest secret weapon that will guarantee World Domination: our new Echo Nest suit.   These suits are in stunning robin’s egg blue velour and are made of a special textile that is guaranteed to absorb all forms of moisture, keeping us fresh and dry at all times.   Here I am modeling the new suit at the Echo Nest Holiday party:

It's good to know I have could have a second career as a sweat suit model

Here are the Echo Nest big wigs trying out the suit: Brian, on the left, doesn’t need a special suit — he already has a superpower (doughnut scrying).

Brian, Jim, Tristan and Tim

Here’s Team Blue heading out at lunch to grab some burgers. They turned a few heads in Davis Square.

Team Blue: Chris, Tim, Scotty, Jason, Reid and Aaron

We have the suits in the office, and at any moment we are prepared to ‘suit up’ to meet any music data emergencies that may arise anywhere in the world.  This suit is why the Echo Nest is so awesome.


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