The Spotified Billboard Charts – now with real playlists

Last month I Spotified the Billboard charts by using the Billboard and Spotify APIs.  However, I wasn’t actually able to create real Spotify playlists since the Spotify web API doesn’t allow creating or manipulating playlists.  But now I’m a premium Spotify user and as a premium user I can use the libspotify / despotify API to do just about anything that the official Spotify client can do.  With my new found Spotify superpower, I revamped my Billboard charts creator to create real Spotify playlists:

The Spotified Billboard Singles Charts

Instead of having to click on every song to listen to it, just click on the chart – this will open the Spotify playlist – hit play and you’ll be in Billboard chart heaven (or hell, depending on your music taste).

To interact with Spotify I used Jotify – a Java client library (based on despotify)  for Spotify.  Jotify is  well written, full featured library written by Felix Bruns (who has been extremely helpful in answering my questions).   I highly recommend Jotify.

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