Using Visualizations for Music Discovery

On Monday, Justin and I will present our magnum opus – a three-hour long tutorial entitled:  Using Visualizations for Music Discovery.  In this talk we look the various techniques that can be used for visualization of music.  We include a survey of the many existing visualizations of music, as well as talk about techniques and algorithms for creating visualizations.   My hope is that this talk will be inspirational as well as educational spawning new music discovery visualizations.    I’ve uploaded a PDF of our slide deck to slideshare.  It’s a big deck, filled with examples, but note that large as it is,  the PDF isn’t the whole talk.  The tutorial will include many demonstrations and videos of visualizations that just are not practical to include in a PDF.  If you have the chance, be sure to check out the tutorial at ISMIR in Kobe on the 26th.

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