Hacking on the Echo Nest at the Berlin Music Hackday

The Berlin Music Hackday is nearly upon us.  Ben Lacker (a.k.a. DJ API) will be representing the Echo Nest at this wonderful event.  If you want to maximize your hacking time during the hackday there are a few things that you can do in advance to get ready to hack on the Echo Nest APIs:

  1. Get an Echo Nest API Key – If you are going to be using the API, you need to get a key.  You can get one for free from: developer.echonest.com
  2. Read the API overview – The overview gives you a good idea of  the capabilities of the API.  If you are thinking of writing a remix application, be sure to read Adam Lindsay’s wonderful remix tutorial.
  3. Pick a client library – There are a number of client libraries for The Echo Nest – select one for your language of choice and install it.
  4. Think of a great application – easier said than done.  If you are looking for some inspiration, checkout these examples: morecowbelldonkdj, Music Explorer FX, and  Where’s the Pow? . You’ll find more examples in the  Echo Nest gallery of  Showcase Apps.  If you are stuck for an idea ask me (paul@echonest.com) or Ben  – we have a list of application ideas that we think would be fun to write.

At the end of the hackday, Ben will choose  the Most Awesome Echo Nest  Hackday Application.  The developer of this application will go home a shiny new iPod touch.   If you want your application to catch Ben’s eye write an Echo Nest application  that makes someone say “woah! how did you do that!”, extra points if its an application with high viral potential.  Check out the list of hacks created at the London Music Hackday to get inspiration.


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