Music Hack Day Berlin

On the heals of the very successful London Music Hackday,  comes the Berlin Music Hackday which will be held on September 18/19/20 at the very cool Radialsystem V in Berlin Germany.

Site of the Berlin Music Hacday

Site of the Berlin Music Hacday

The hackday is totally free for participants but is limited to 150 participants.  (and if this is organized like the London hackday, if you want to attend, be prepared to describe how you hack hardware, software or music – not just anyone can fill one of the 150 slots).

The London hackday was such a great event, I’m glad to see that it is being repeated in different parts of the world.  Look for more Music Hackdays coming to a city near you.

Music Hackday in London

Hacking music at the London Music Hackday

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  1. #1 by zazi on September 1, 2009 - 5:44 pm

    Just read it via Twitter, that EchoNest will also attend the MHD in Berlin. Cool! I wished I could be there. Unfortunately, I have some busy days right now and next time.
    Wish you such interesting developments as like as MHD London brought out.

    Cheers zazi

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