The Echo Nest Cocoa Framework

Kamel Makhloufi (aka melka) has created a Cocoa Framework for the Echo Nest and has released it as open source.  This framework makes it easy for Mac developers (and presumable iPhone and iTouch developers) to use the Echo Nest API services.  Kamel’s goal is to build an application similar to Audiosurf (a music-adapting puzzle racer that uses your own music), but along the way Kamel realized his framework may be useful to others and so he has released it for all of us to use.

The Framework supports all of the Track/Analysis methods of the API including Track Upload, getting tempos, duration, bar, beat and tatum info as well as detailed segment information.  On Melka’s TODO list is to add the Echo Nest artist methods.

Using the framework, Melka created a nifty track visualization tool that will render a colorful representation of the Echo Nest analysis for a track:

Kamel implemented this in about 300 lines of Objective-C code.

The Echo Nest Cocoa Framework is released under a GPL V3 license and is hosted on google code at:

The release is just in time for Music Hackday – I’m hoping we see an iPhone app or two emerge from this event that use the Echo Nest APIs! Kamel’s framework is just the thing to make it happen

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