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Watch out world, the Echo Nest is now unstoppable

Today, we are unveiling the new Echo Nest secret weapon that will guarantee World Domination: our new Echo Nest suit.   These suits are in stunning robin’s egg blue velour and are made of a special textile that is guaranteed to absorb all forms of moisture, keeping us fresh and dry at all times.   Here I am modeling the new suit at the Echo Nest Holiday party:

It's good to know I have could have a second career as a sweat suit model

Here are the Echo Nest big wigs trying out the suit: Brian, on the left, doesn’t need a special suit — he already has a superpower (doughnut scrying).

Brian, Jim, Tristan and Tim

Here’s Team Blue heading out at lunch to grab some burgers. They turned a few heads in Davis Square.

Team Blue: Chris, Tim, Scotty, Jason, Reid and Aaron

We have the suits in the office, and at any moment we are prepared to ‘suit up’ to meet any music data emergencies that may arise anywhere in the world.  This suit is why the Echo Nest is so awesome.



Echo Nest analysis and visualization for Dopplereffekt – Scientist

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Playdar polishing

Playdar got a couple of steps closer to being ready for the general public this week.  First of all , there are now installers for Windows and Mac that make it dead simple to install Playdar.  I tried the Mac OS X version (by Max Howell).  It could not have been easier to install.  I downloaded a file opened it, clicked on the pane and Playdar was added to my Prefs panel.  It scanned my music and I was ready to go.  Quite the contrast to a couple weeks ago when I hurt myself when trying  to compile Erlang from source.

Now that Playdar is easy to install, we need some apps.  Luckily Toby has been working hard on Playgrub.  Playgrub is a an app that you install in your browser tool bar. When you visit a web page that mentions music, click on the ‘grub’ link and Playgrub will scour the page for all the artists and tracks, resolve them using Playdar and give you a playlist for the page.  Here’s Playgrub in action.  I visited the page for the Weezer Blue album.  I clicked on Playgrub and in a few seconds, Playgrub showed me this:

Playgrub via Playdar was able to find the audio for the music on the page (I happen to own this album so Playdar didn’t have to go far) and give me a playlist that I could play right now, or share with others.   It is really cool.   Toby writes more about Playgrub and even has a video showing it in action in this post: Playgrub new and improved.

Two big steps in one week for Playdar – an installer, and a compelling app.  Playdar is getting closer to being ready for the mainstream.  And I think we’ll be seeing even more progress. This Friday the Echo Nest will be hosting the first face-2-face Playdar summit, where about a dozen hard core Playdar folks will gather in one room and map out the next steps for Playdar.  I’m really looking forward to it.

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Spotifying over 200 Billboard charts

Yesterday, I Spotified the Billboard Hot 100 – making it easy to listen to the charts.  This morning I went one step further and Spotified all of the Billboard Album and Singles charts.

The Spotified Billboard Charts

That’s 128 singles charts (which includes charts like Luxembourg Digital Songs, Hot Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Song and Hot Ringtones ) and 83 album charts including charts like Top Bluegrass AlbumsTop Cast Albums and Top R&B Catalog Albums.

In these 211 charts you’ll find 6,482 Spotify tracks, 2354 being unique (some tracks, like Miley Cyrus’s ‘The Climb’ appear on many charts).

Building the charts stretches the API limits of the Billboard API (only 1,500 calls allowed per day!), as well as stretches my patience (making about 10K calls to the Spotify API while trying not to exceed the rate limit, means it takes a couple of hours to resolve all the tracks).  Nevertheless, it was a fun little project.  And it shows off the Spotify catalog quite well.  For popular western music they have really good coverage.

Requests for the Billboard API: Please increase the usage limit by  10 times.  1,500 calls per day is really limiting, especially when trying to debug a client library.

Requests for the Spotify API: Please, Please Please!!! – make it possible to create and modify Spotify playlists via web services.

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