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Spotifying over 200 Billboard charts

Yesterday, I Spotified the Billboard Hot 100 – making it easy to listen to the charts.  This morning I went one step further and Spotified all of the Billboard Album and Singles charts.

The Spotified Billboard Charts

That’s 128 singles charts (which includes charts like Luxembourg Digital Songs, Hot Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Song and Hot Ringtones ) and 83 album charts including charts like Top Bluegrass AlbumsTop Cast Albums and Top R&B Catalog Albums.

In these 211 charts you’ll find 6,482 Spotify tracks, 2354 being unique (some tracks, like Miley Cyrus’s ‘The Climb’ appear on many charts).

Building the charts stretches the API limits of the Billboard API (only 1,500 calls allowed per day!), as well as stretches my patience (making about 10K calls to the Spotify API while trying not to exceed the rate limit, means it takes a couple of hours to resolve all the tracks).  Nevertheless, it was a fun little project.  And it shows off the Spotify catalog quite well.  For popular western music they have really good coverage.

Requests for the Billboard API: Please increase the usage limit by  10 times.  1,500 calls per day is really limiting, especially when trying to debug a client library.

Requests for the Spotify API: Please, Please Please!!! – make it possible to create and modify Spotify playlists via web services.

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